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Gateway Writes | Patrick Shea: Digital Storytelling

By Patrick Shea

During April and March of 2018, me and a few other artists at Gateway Arts went to B.I.G. (Brookline Interactive Group) Studios near Brookline High School and each artist did their own digital storytelling video.  Artists got to make digital stories from ideas they have and their stories could be short or long.  First to make a digital story you have to write a story, and find pictures for your digital story.  Then artists would sit in recording rooms to record their story and finally use the computers at B.I.G. to make digital story videos.

Patrick Shea on the MIT List Center Public Art Tour.

For example my video storytelling was about architecture.  In my video I talked about architecture like the cities of Boston and New York.  I also talked about my cousin being an architect and my cousin taught me there are different kinds of architecture.  He also showed me architecture doesn’t always have to be tall buildings or skyscrapers it can me as simple as a house or a store.

I brought photos in from home and I went into the computer lab at B.I.G. studios.  Then I started editing and I finished recording my storytelling video.  I would really like everyone to see my storytelling video and give me their feedback.

When I saw my digital story I was very excited and happy to see what I have created at B.I.G. and I was very proud when I watched my digital story about skyscrapers and I really enjoy hearing the feedback from the other artists when they saw my video.

I would like people when watching my digital story to experience my love for the different shapes and sizes of skyscrapers and the beauty of architecture.

Watch Patrick’s Digital Story

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