Main Studio

Individual Art Career Development

Colleen McFarland

The Main Studio at Gateway Arts is a career development service for artistically talented adults with disabilities.

Artists who participate in this long-established program receive case coordination and career mentorship from a unique staff, consisting of professional artists with human service training. Above all, program participants experience a cooperative art studio, with access to professional art materials and individual support, while working side by side with other artists. Daily interactions between the artists promote insight, inspiration, and shared creativity, building a sense of community.

This original service of Gateway Arts, which was established in 1973, is a valuable community to several artists, many of whom have worked together in the studios for over 40 years.

Artists are encouraged to explore many art mediums while working in the studios.  Options specifically include painting, drawing, weaving, pottery, jewelry, fiber arts, writing, music, mixed media, and digital arts.

Gateway Arts is dedicated to addressing the holistic well-being of all individuals. Our professionally trained staff work closely with artists’ families, housing, transportation, and support teams to promote the overall health and well-being of each individual.  Read our Brochure to learn more.


Artist Book by Mary DeCesar

Paper Studio

In the paper studio artists use a variety of mark making implements to produce work that is primarily two-dimensional in nature.

Fabric Studio

In the fabric studio artists explore and master different fiber arts techniques, including textile design, embroidery, dyeing, and sewing construction.

Pottery Studio

The pottery studio at Gateway Arts offers the diverse creative opportunities of the ceramic medium; individualized programming and adaptive equipment are available to suit the artist’s needs.

Weaving Studio

The weaving studio is equipped with eight floor looms. Some looms are shared while others are set aside for individual projects.

Folk Art Studio

Painting, drawing, and collage are important aspects of this studio, but Folk Art originally got its name from the hand painted and decorated wood items created here.

Art Making Studio

Artmaking is a studio for all kinds of creating, both 2 and 3 dimensional objects. Artists may work with paint on canvas, colored pencils and markers on paper, or sew embroidery thread into cloth.

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