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Gateway Writes Showcase │ Daniel Kasinsky

Hi, my name is Dani. My name is short for Daniel it’s a Spanish name because I am from South America and came from a place called Peru nearly or toward another country called Chile. I am fond of people from that country. I grew up here and tried to be positive and happy about being here as an American. I believe my heritage of my real family is kind of big maybe from other countries from South America and maybe another thought of being Mexican and possibly Central American and my family could of grew towards other countries from Latin America but I usually can only focus on one country at a time like Peru. I love South America it’s beautiful in many ways. Everybody is like family most of the time so I feel good about myself when I visit Latin American countries and I am usually proud with happiness.

I am working on being more independent, doing the best I can every week.”

In my life, I am working up to cooking on my own and traveling on the bus and train. My favorite foods to cook are usually simple and tasty foods like for lunch and dinner like pasta and easy sandwiches like peanut butter and jelly and fruit and some veggies for both meal times. I hope to have more balanced meals for myself so I can feel more happier for myself. I have learned how to get to Gateway Arts and trying hard to stay busy being here and having fun a little bit at least and I am happy most of the time being here participating on art work. It is not to easy meeting my expectations every time being busy making some art work and other wise I am pretty good at being here and being independent getting here on the public transportation bus and once a week the public train. I am working on cooking sometimes for dinner time and make my own meals also if I feel up to it.

Going on the bus I was a little nervous and going on the train I was also a little worried and cautious since I went on a train with another program and had a hard time feeling comfortable but I have learned to feel a little bit more comfortable on the bus. Coming here from my neighborhood is pretty good and so that helps me going on the train and trying to take transportation sometimes if I need to go somewhere else. I would like someday to have a monthly pass to take transportation some places like here in Brookline or Cambridge like places I am familiar with.

I didn’t always do a whole lot of art but I had art classes in my schools and I tried doing most of the art here but got into art by getting and asking for some help sometimes . Art is a way to get out my feelings and happiness or sadness and depression too. I am creative so I like any kind of art especially if it’s my own idea.

“Art makes me more comfortable or proud or satisfied with myself. And helps my livelihood in life.”

I am creative art person but I hope to find artistic fun. Being happy about being an artist at Gateway Arts is important. I can try and hopefully succeed.

Dani Kasinsky

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