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Gateway Writes | Kathleen Wells: A Revolving Door

Three Views 2018

Artist Kathleen Wells on her most recent series, The Revolving Door, featured in the Three Views exhibition in the Gateway Gallery, May 7 – June 2nd, 2018.

The whole series is me thinking about revolving doors as a metaphor — as being and as a process.
A space or many spaces, and times.
To transform or realign or make something new that you didn’t even expect to come into to go out of.
Where in location are you in this process and what are the elements available to you to construct something utterly new?
The circling around we do sometimes being pushed from behind, from our past history and landing in an unexpected place, and dealing with that place and that it is a different experience than you were expecting.
Sometimes you are the driver, sometimes you are propelled forward by something else you don’t even know that is behind you maybe in the past, encycling and circling but still moving forward in transitions.
Literal spaces are not really the point here — but going unexpectedly through a process and thinking you know where you will land, but you’re not sure, and what happens in those moments in between the two spaces or ideas or understandings.
And then me, myself and the switches within all those switches —
Duplicity squared, it’s dizzying and has a whole lot of potential if you can slow it down get to know it, and use it in new and unexpected ways.
Being dislocated is an opportunity for transformation.
Pivoting in space and time.
Transition being out or being in or being
Then ending on the kind of triptych thing
Ready set moving on location
Forward facing going on
Workings of the mind
From the liminal coming through.

The Three Views exhibition features the recent work of Pat Peter, Paul Stevenson, and Kathleen Wells.

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