Transitional Planning

Planning for a Career in Art after High School

Gateway Arts provides transitional services for young adults with disabilities, preparing them for professional careers.

This service is an opportunity for individuals to cultivate pre-vocational skills, enhance their self-esteem, and transition successfully to a career in the arts.

Gateway Arts provides a community of other young adults and practicing artists of all ages in a supportive, diversified community where participants make valuable connections and help each other through the challenges that can accompany transition and change. This support takes the form of interactive learning, feedback, conversation, and friendships that help build confidence and real world skills.

Read our Post-Secondary Sevices Brochure to learn more.

Requirements for Admission

Artists interested in the program must be at least 18 years of age, in school or post graduation, and exploring art as a career option. Previous training is not required, but a strong interest in art and the ability to work within a shared studio environment with other artists is necessary.

How to Apply

Contact Ted Lampe
617-734-1577 x. 10
[email protected]

We encourage you to contact a transitional planner at your high school or the Department of Developmental Services for additional information.