Other Gifts

Gifts of Stock

If you have securities that have appreciated in value, donating them to Vinfen/Gateway Arts may allow you to avoid capital gains taxes while also receiving a tax deduction for the full market value.

Please note that Vinfen/Gateway Arts does not provide tax advice; donors should consult their own advisers about the specific tax benefits of donating appreciated stock. Questions?

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Matching Gifts

Once you’ve made a donation to Gateway Arts, you can double your impact by asking your employer to match your gift.

Step 1: Contact your human resources department
Ask your company whether they match donations. They will give you a matching gift form or direct you to their matching gift website.

Step 2: Complete the matching gift form
Fill out and sign the employee section of the matching gift form or complete the necessary forms online.

Step 3: Submit the form to Vinfen/Gateway Arts
Send your matching gift form to Vinfen/Gateway Arts, 60-62 Harvard St. Brookline, MA 02445. If your company has a matching gift website, there’s no need to mail us anything; we will automatically receive notification to confirm your donation. Your employer will send the matching gift directly to Vinfen/Gateway Arts.  All checks should be made payable to Vinfen, with Gateway Arts noted on the memo line.

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