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Molly Piper Walks to End Alzheimer’s

Molly Piper shares her most recent projects, both artistic and personal.

Artist Molly Piper is admired in the Gateway Studios as much for her kindness as her unique artistic style and perspective.  Piper feels deeply connected to people and the world around her.  She uses art to explore and address social and political events, often doing so with a touch of humor.  While the specifics of society and its challenges can prove difficult to understand, Piper’s desire to grapple with them is obvious, through both her personal life and professional work.

It isn’t surprising that Piper showed interest in becoming involved with the annual Alzheimer’s Association‘s National Walk to End Alzheimer’s, and took the initiative to make it happen.  It is a cause that impacts her personally.  Piper’s studio supervisor, Cathy Moynihan, shares how Piper first learned about the walk.  “At the beginning of Drama studio we practice our conversational and social skills by talking about our weekends,” explains Moynihan. “During this time, we get to know each other better.  In the past Molly and I have shared about how both of our fathers have dementia.”

“When I told the group that I am doing the Walk to End Alzheimer’s, Molly said she wanted to do it, too, to honor her father.” — Cathy Moynihan

“Piper is very concerned for her dad’s health, and will often become emotional when she speaks of him” Moynihan explains, “When I told the group that I am doing the Walk to End Alzheimer’s, Molly said she wanted to do it, too, to honor her father.”

Gateway supervisors are not only artists in their own right, but also human service professionals.  As such, Moynihan contacted Piper’s residence and expressed Piper’s interest in the walk, to see if it was possible.  Piper’s house manager, Regine Edmond, had participated in The Walk to End Alzheimer’s in prior years.  Understanding what the event entailed, Edmond responded with enthusiasm.  Edmond scheduled a staff member to accompany Piper during the walk, which may be partially accomplished with the assistance of a wheel chair.  Piper is bursting with excitement to participate in the event; everything from registration, to speeches, to the ceremonial pinwheel “planting” in honor of loved ones impacted by Alzheimer’s.

I feel bad that my dad has this disease.  I care about my dad, even though I don’t understand what he’s trying to say because of the Alzheimer’s.  I feel sad that he can’t drive or cook, so he has to go out for dinners.  Would you please donate money to this good cause?  Thank you! — Molly Piper

“One of Molly’s goals at home is to donate to charities,” shares Moynihan. “This is exciting because she has reached well above and beyond her goal!”

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