Paper Studio

In the paper studio artists use a variety of mark making implements to produce work that is primarily two-dimensional in nature.  The studio is well stocked with drawing pencils, erasers, colored pencils, wax pastels, pens, illustration markers, paint brushes, and water color and acrylic paints. Using these mark making tools, artists create images on various types of paper, canvas, wooden panels, card board, card stock, found objects, and artist books.

    The paper studio is situated at the center of the Main Studio’s primary studio space, located on the second floor of an old mill building that was built before the advent of widespread interior electrical lighting. Seventy-six inch high windows line both sides of the studio space, providing artists with a stage from which to observe the unwinding spectacle of each passing season. It’s sunny. It rains. The grass grows. The wind blows. The leaves fall and the birds go. This is the story. Let’s work with it.

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