Artist Training Program

<>The Artist Training Program (ATP) is a four month certificate program offered by Studio A for artists with psychiatric and other disabilities interested in becoming self-employed.

Artists spend six hours a week in Studio A creating saleable artwork, and three hours in a weekly career development seminar.

Artists in this program develop portfolios of artwork with all necessary supporting materials and receive critique for in-progress and recently completed work.  The weekly seminar provides instruction on the practical skills of a professional artist, including marketing, pricing, and self promotion.

Upon completion, artists will be prepared to promote and sell their work.  The Gateway Gallery and Store represent artists throughout their enrollment in ATP, and for six months following their completion of the program.

Read our Artist Training Program Brochure to learn more.

<>Apply to ATP

CALL US at (617) 734-1577 to schedule a tour of Gateway, see firsthand the exciting studio space, and meet with staff.  Artists interested in the program must be at least 18 years of age.

Contact Studio A Manager Carolyn Burns at (617) 734-1577 (voicemail extension 25), [email protected] for more information.