Parker Stallworth

Parker Stallworth was born in 1991 and lives in Malden, MA. He began working in the Gateway studios in 2020.

Stallworth has a twin sister who, along with himself, sometimes figures into his playful, cartoon-style pen-and-ink-drawings. Stallworth has a strong interest in all still drawing media, including digital and watercolor, and his work also manifests in careful, astute graphite drawings of the animal kingdom. Stallworth’s sensitivity and attention to detail are notable in his approach.

Stallworth’s work is available in The Gateway Store.

This image gallery showcases the artist’s archived portfolio; available works for sale may differ. Inquire about additional artwork available for purchase by Parker Stallworth: (617) 734-1577

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    Mostly cartoons I like to make. Ink and pencil and watercolor, I like to use. I used to do strips for my college newspaper, and I also do comics for my Facebook page. I like the works of John Callahan. Surprisingly, I like how politically incorrect they are. He had quadriplegia, and his comics are about that and disability in general.

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