Julie Dapper: Recent Works

The Gateway Gallery is proud to present the recent work of Julie Dapper in a solo exhibition in the Front Gallery.

In Self Portrait artist Julie Dapper depicts herself as a string-less guitar-shaped body, painting her missing guitar strings.  A visual turn of her work on display in the Gateway Gallery reveals a world of dream-like artworks, large and small, all with multi-layers and mediums; paint, pastels, ink, collaged found materials, and beads. Many are dreamscapes, while others depict deities from eastern and western religions.

A self-taught artist, Julie Dapper cites the roots of her art as the places, objects, epiphanies, terrors, visions, and dreams of her childhood. Her experiences as a stage actor, poet, and composer have also influenced her work. Dapper studied English literature and classical civilization at New York University, and continues to be inspired by the writings of Shakespeare and nineteenth century poet Cristina Rossetti. Mythology, nursery rhymes, fairy tales, eastern and western religions, the music of Bach; all play a part in the content and sensibility of her multi-media artworks.

Of her work Dapper says: “I see my paintings as soul events or soul lyrics through which I attempt to travel and discover spiritual realities both personal and universal.”


The exhibition will be celebrated at the Gateway Annual Holiday Fair on Saturday, December 7th from 10:00 AM – 5:00 PM, alongside Gateway’s annual 100 & Under exhibition.  During this unique exhibition art works can be purchased off the gallery wall for $100 or less!