Gateway Makers

This exhibition has been inspired by the burgeoning art world interest in the Maker Movement, a movement first codified with the launch of Make: magazine in 2005, but one that has existed throughout the history of mankind. According to the NEA Arts Magazine “The Maker Movement is setting the stage for those who have longed for a place to share creativity. It is a celebration of the innovation found in objects that were previously unrecognized in the mainstream … Their intelligence and aesthetics can be astounding. The Maker Movement bends labels and boundaries with the goal of fostering a community of raw creation.”Gateway Arts, at its core, has always been a ‘maker space,’ a space that provides a supportive studio environment where adult artists with varying  interests and abilities gather to experiment, explore, and learn together. In these creative spaces artists share access to a wide array of materials, equipment, and technologies with which they create and innovate. At Gateway, artists come together each day to build, assemble, stitch, weave, model with clay, draw, paint, and work with a variety of mixed materials. Gateway artists are makers.The eclectic works chosen for Gateway Makers were culled from the weaving, ceramics, fabric, and folk art studios. The hand of each of the approximately 20 makers included is highly distinguishable – be it the delicately stitched embroideries by Yasmin Arshad and Sidney Perry, the boldly modeled clay owl by Barbara Brown or the playful papier-mâché banjo by Charles Hurvitz.

Everyday objects, often previously discarded, are re-purposed by Gateway makers. Amy Caliri transforms the entire surface area of a table using colored pencils and pencil to create colorful geometric forms and strong lines reminiscent of stained glass. Robin Jones uses her skill with acrylics and paint markers to turn an ordinary chair into a sunny garden embellished with intricate details. Functional works such as Alison Doucette’s whimsically embroidered pillows, Paul Eno’s beautifully crafted hand-printed deck of playing cards and Carmella Salvucci’s and Abigail Randall’s creative and colorful ceramic bowls are on display alongside gorgeous fabric and woven wall hangings by Melissa BermanDarryl Richards, and Laura Ellen as well as inventive assemblages by Sidney Perry, Joe Howe and Dominic Tufo.

Exhibition organizers: Lorri Berenberg and Martha Richardson


The exhibition will be celebrated at an Artists Reception on Thursday, February 13th from 5:00 PM – 7:00 PM. Join us for wine and refreshments!

Enjoy Anna’s at the GATEWAY MAKERS Artists Reception! They’ve generously donated a delicious spread. Visit: