Dominic Tufo Solo Exhibition

The Gateway Gallery is proud to present the paintings, drawings, and sculptures of artist Dominic Tufo.

Dominic Tufo has attended Gateway Arts since 1994.

Tufo enjoys process based art making including both three and two dimensional works. His sculptures vary from soft weavings and embroidered forms, to wrapped metals and painted wood assemblages. His paintings are much more gestural and impromptu, while Tufo’s drawings are focused and allow him to create structured compositions.

“It’s wonderful to see Dominic’s work showcased in a solo exhibition” shared Development Specialist Christine Nolan. “His work is so fascinating, and seeing it together really showcases the themes of his work. It’s tactile, bright, and playful.  Such a joy to view!”

“Whenever you ask him what his work is of, he always says ‘children playing’” explains Stephen DeFronzo, Gateway’s Artistic Director.

When told his work would be showcased in the Gateway Gallery’s annual solo exhibition, Tufo was elated.  “Thank you!  Thank you for my show!” he repeatedly and joyfully exclaimed.

Join us in celebrating the work of Dominic Tufo on Saturday, December 1st, 2018 from 10:00 AM – 5:00 PM in conjunction with our annual Holiday Fair.  Read more about the event here.


To inquire about artwork available for purchase from this exhibition, please email The Gateway Store Manager Loel Westermann at [email protected].

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