Darryl Richards Solo Exhibition

Storm by Darryl Richards

Darryl Richards became an artist at age five, drawing characters from his imagination.  Now, his artwork showcases the influence of his lived experiences in the city.  Richards continues to produce work using imagery from his mind, however, his recent work incorporates technical and traditional portraiture techniques.  These techniques give some of his more recent work a remarkable sense of realism.

“I want people to see my work as a good thing for society. I want people to know me. If I do more artwork, then I can maybe hang it in a restaurant or a gallery. My biggest goal is for people to know me.” – Darryl Richards, Gateway artist

Richards sees his art as a journey with the power to transport his viewer into another dimension. He hopes his work sparks viewers’ imagination, and draws them into the world he has created.  His goal is to expand our perception of art, and take it to the next level.

In addition to his work at Gateway, Darryl Richards has participated in the Boston art scene through Artists for Humanity.  He is a highly skilled caricature artist, and was recently a featured guest artist at Blick Fenway‘s Grand Reopening.


To inquire about artwork available for purchase from this exhibition, please email The Gateway Store Manager Loel Westermann at [email protected].