Nhiệm vụ của chúng ta

Artists working in weaving studio

Vinfen’s Gateway Arts is a creative community dedicated to advancing the careers of artists with disabilities.

Our Philosophy

Creative expression is a vital means for persons with disabilities to overcome barriers and assert their place in the world. Artists with disabilities have long made unique contributions to our understanding of human experience, yet many remain marginalized in the 21st century creative economy. Gateway Arts works to redress these inequities with a professional development model grounded in creative agency. Artists direct their own path as creators and as valued members of their community.

nghệ sĩ của chúng tôi

Gateway Arts supports nearly 100 artists with intellectual and developmental disabilities, mental health diagnoses, brain injuries, and other neurodiverse conditions. Our artists come from diverse backgrounds, each bringing with them an interest in creating art and a distinct perspective to share with the world.

Our Work

Artists work in a communal studio environment where they hone their skills and further develop their own artistic voice. Our 7,400 square foot workspace is divided between eight studios, where artists work with a wide range of media, including drawing, painting, collage, cartooning, sculpture, ceramics, fiber art, weaving, mixed media, and jewelry making. Each artist forges their own path and follows their unique artistic instincts, with the support of professional artist facilitators, who offer guidance and feedback.

Artists participate in the local art scene through our community engagement program and collaborations with arts organizations, museums, galleries, and other local partners.

Gateway Arts has an onsite 1,500 sq. foot store and gallery, as well as an online store where all Gateway Artists are represented. Artists receive a 50% commission on all original artwork sold. Gateway Arts also works with local partners to facilitate sales at offsite venues.

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