Jewelry Studio

Hanging jewelry

The Jewelry studio is supplied with hundreds of different types and styles of beads and materials.  Artists have access to various gemstones, such as turquoise, jade, and amethyst, as well as beads made from clay, and even beads handmade from recycled materials in the studio.  Artists gather their own bead boards, make bead selections, and design the layouts of the necklace, bracelet or earrings themselves.  There are opportunities to reference source materials for inspiration from our library or the internet, though many artists prefer working from their own imagination.

    What I love most about Jewelry is watching what the artists are drawn to. Some artists decide to design a crystal necklace with an elegant pattern, while others enjoy the hunt finding beads I’ve never even seen before that turn the necklace into a sculpture. The results never cease to amaze me and I love watching these artists discover their own unique styles.