Position Opening

Art Studio Facilitator

December 2023 


 Vinfen’s Gateway Arts seeks a Studio Art Facilitator to manage its Studio A, part of a comprehensive program that works with adults with disabilities as they pursue meaningful careers and lives in the arts. The Studio A Facilitator works alongside a roster of professional artists to help them achieve their goals, identify opportunities for sales and exhibitions, and overcome obstacles to success. The artists come to Gateway with a range of cognitive, psychiatric, and/or physical disabilities. The position requires the ability to facilitate diverse artistic approaches, media, and modes of communication; manage a caseload of up to 30 artists and related administrative tasks; and maintain a vibrant, healthy studio environment that meets the needs of the artists and the goals of the program. Responsibilities include: 


  1. Manage Studio A operations Monday through Friday. 
  2. Oversee opening and closing of the Studio A space. 
  3. Plan and maintain weekly schedule for Studio A artists. 
  4. Create agenda, send artist updates to administrative staff, and facilitate regular Studio A planning meetings. 
  5. Assist with short and long-term planning for the growth of Studio A with Director of Gateway Arts, Clinical Director, and Artistic Director.  
  6. Oversee OARS registration, evaluation and discharge status of all MRC and self-pay artists. 
  7. Prepare, coordinate, and distribute monthly and quarterly reports for MRC and other funding sources as needed.  
  8. Arrange and attend Studio A artist intake interviews, screenings, and meetings with Artistic Director, prospective artist, funding source counselors and other relevant parties. 
  9. Oversee the preparation of MRC artists’ records for state and federal audits. 


  1. Serve as Gateway’s contact with the Massachusetts Rehabilitation Commission (MRC). 
  2. Collect weekly studio data for artists funded through contracts with Mass Department of Developmental Services (DDS).  
  3. Oversee Studio A fine art supply and order supplies as needed.  
  4. Oversee enrollment list, weekly schedule, and case management list for Studio A artists. Posting of updates throughout Gateway. 
  5. Work with Store Manager to facilitate products, price items, and encourage sales.  
  6. Oversee advertising and marketing for Studio A. 
  7. Consult the shared calendar and respond to emails in a timely manner.  
  8. Maintain a calendar of art related happenings, meetings, interviews, tours, and screenings. 
  9. Maintain a schedule and document artist absence, arrival, and departure. 
  10. Answer all phone calls directed to Studio A. 


  1. Facilitate art making, two sessions per day with up to nine participants per session in Studio A.  
  2. Work with artists one to one on activities as needed. 
  3. Provide inspiration and direction for artists. Provide critical feedback and demonstrate art techniques to promote vocational gains. 
  4. Assess professional art skills in conjunction with artistic and marketing directors to help develop works for exhibitions and sales.  
  5. Assist artists in the finishing of projects and prep materials for artists’ use.  


  1. Case-manage 25-30 Studio A clients. 
  2. Maintain up to date records of all Studio A artists and follow through with entry level paperwork for incoming and existing clients.  
  3. Conduct orientation and intake for new clients. 
  4. Maintain regular communication with MRC counselors, clients’ clinical support team, and residential staff as needed.  
  5. Attend necessary trainings and meetings in accordance with Vinfen requirements.  
  6. Document and conduct weekly telehealth phone calls for artists who are unable to attend for an extended time.  
  7. Review personal files for interested artists.  
  8. Maintain communication with artists when they are absent from Gateway. 
  9. Implement strategies from Safety care and de-escalation techniques to maintain a composed studio environment.  
  10. Provide emotional supports to artists as needed to avoid any potential crises.  
  11. Distribute Contact Process Notes to all Gateway staff documenting behaviors outside of artists’ baseline.  
  12. Provide professional and supportive relationships with attending artists. 
  13. Encourage artists to maintain punctual attendance and strategize ways to improve.  


  1. Research and disperse exhibition opportunities and materials to artists. 
  2. Oversee cleaning and organization of the Studio A space, bathroom, and coordinate tasks with other staff.  
  3. Take on other site-specific duties as requested. 
  4. Operate Microsoft Word, Excel, Photoshop, and Adobe programs. 

Knowledge and Skills:

  1. Experience in art production, studio art center practice
  2. Knowledge of formal and informal assessment practices and fundamentals in studio art
  3. Strong organizational and communication skills
  4. Ability to adapt to different learning and communication styles
  5. Participatory skills, collaborative skills, teaching skills
  6. Ability to work independently and as part of an interdisciplinary team
  7. Sensitivity to cultural, religious, racial, disability, and gender issues
  8. Knowledge of psychiatric or developmental disabilities and habilitation

Salary: $45,000 

Vinfen offers a very competitive benefits package. 

Email resume and cover letter to: [email protected] 

Gateway Arts
60-62 Harvard Street
Brookline, MA 02445