Taste: Thursday evening, May 20, 2021

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Event Schedule

Preshow – Creative Cocktail Mixing with event hosts Julie & Nick (ingredients in the Party Pack)

Live Event with Hosts Julie Bernson and Nick Kane
Message from Rae Edelson, Director
Gateway on Chronicle 

Inspiring Videos by Gateway Artists
Community Selfies Celebration
Remembering Bohill Wong (1934-2004), Beloved Gateway Artist

Presentation of the Beverly Bernson Award for Outstanding Contributions to Gateway to Advisory Committee Member Cynthia Randall


Anonymous, In Honor of Jennifer Rathbun, M.D.

Jane + Scott Maxwell

The Family of Jane Tarlow

Anonymous (2)

로리 베렌버그 + 로버트 윌스타인

브루스 다우

레이 에델슨

Kathleen Hobson + Atul Gawande

The Chobee Hoy Group at Compass

The Donna Johnson Family

Perper Family Foundation

Beverly + Bob Bernson, In Honor of Julie + Nick

던 가족

Jean, Joanne + Maria Fulchino

Terry + Tom Hamilton

Timothy Hilton + Sara Jane Miller

Hoffman Family Charitable Fund

패티 + 조나단 크래프트


Anonymous, In Memory of Roger Swike + Donna Johnson

Bechtel Frank Erickson Architects

Julie Bernson + Sergio Bautista, In Memory of Jennifer Atkinson

The Family of Mimi Clark

Martha A. Field, In Honor of Maria A. Field

Suzanne Fitzgerald, In Honor of Ray Salter

Sushila Gawande, In Celebration of Mihir Paun

The Geller Family, In Memory of Our Parents

Grace + Bill Gregor, In Honor of Rae’s Leadership

Barbara Ito + Jonathan Katz

Jill + Stephen Karp

Dorian Mintzer + David Feingold, In Honor of Louie Feingold

엘레노어 피터스 + 스티븐 샬레츠키

신시아 + 스콧 랜달

Hedi Randall, In Honor of Cynthia Randall

The Rathbun-Herzog Family, In Celebration of Jon Herzog

Linda Stein + Paul Vidich

웬디 탈로우 카플란

Sara + Guli Arshad + Family

Maria E. Benet + Joseph T. Geller

Bruce + Rebecca Bird

메릴렌 케이힐

자넷 + 앤서니 칼리리

Carol + Dean Currie, In Honor of Jon Herzog

사라, 로라 + 앤드류 아이젠만

The Family of JB Finnerty

Sara + Andy Hunter, In Honor of Mimi Clark

스콧 존슨

Nicolas M. Kane + Travis S. Place, In Honor of Lorri Berenberg + Rob Wilstein

Beth Kantrowitz + Ben Scheindlin, In Celebration of Everyone at Gateway

Cheryl & Jeffrey Katz

Molly King, In Celebration of Mimi Clark

Walter Lewin

Stephen Lynch, In Honor of Jennifer Rathbun Herzog

Anne Perper, In Honor of Lindsay Perper

Hedi Randall, In Honor of Cynthia Randall

Gail Ravgiala, In Memory of Pat O’Neill + Jack Casey

마사 리처드슨 + Avrum Belzer

Sophie + Carlos Santaella

Downtown Crossing by Carmella Salvucci

Banner image: 카르멜라 살부치. Untitled (Downtown Crossing, Boston). Acrylic on canvas. 24″ x 18″. 2021. This featured work is available for purchase. Contact 게이트웨이 스토어 for pricing.