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Gateway Writes Showcase │ Rebecca Bella Rich

A deeply honest and compelling freestyle poem by artist Rebecca Bella Rich on the state of our current world, and how women could make it a better place.

If Women Ruled The World


Rebecca Bella Rich. Party Ladies. Graphite on rag paper. 22 x 30 inches. 2016

If women ruled the world it would be more put together
than a man’s world.
Right now things are painful
because we’re not connecting to one another.

We should all be closer.

Sure we’re going to step on one another once in a while,
but we need to feel for one another too so that we can be better people.

Women would teach people to talk to one another
be better nurturers and cuddlers.
The world needs more of that.
Women would focus on clean air.

We need to breathe.

Politicians are taking away the scientists.
If we take away the scientists then how will we create
and learn how this all works
and how to improve everything?

Both women and men should make this a better world;
but right now it’s dirty and we need to clean up our act.

Stop fighting and start building more sand castles.

Would a woman’s world be less fighting and more love?
Yes it would be; because women are more focused on love.


Rebecca Bella Rich, born in 1960 in Cambridge Massachusetts, has been enriching Gateway with her lively imagination since 1990. Her unfettered creativity is present in the books she writes, illustrates, and publishes. The themes of Rich’s work often include reflections on feminism, sexuality, friendship, and dreams. She is a spirited woman who happens to be a terrific dancer.

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