Darryl Richards working

Ντάριλ Ρίτσαρντς

Darryl Richards is an artist born and raised in Boston.

Much of Richards’ artwork is influenced by his experiences in the city. He has been an artist since he was 5 years old, when he started drawing characters from his imagination. He continues to produce work using imagery from his mind, but is now also focused on drawing people and other animals using both technical/traditional portraiture and cartooning techniques. Richards sees his art as a journey that will take the viewer into another dimension. He hopes that his work will spark the viewer’s imagination, draw them into the world he has created, and take their perception of art to the next level. Richards has taken art classes through a variety of programs including Artists for Humanity. He specifically focuses on 2-D fine art.

Richards’ work has been exhibited at The Gateway Gallery, and in 2017 his work was exhibited in a debut solo exhibition.

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    I do fit in here, I really do. It was difficult when I first started, but I started focusing on myself and getting better. Then people would come up to me and say, ‘that’s amazing’ about my artwork. I want people to see my work as a good thing for society. I want people to know me. If I do more artwork, then I can maybe hang it in a restaurant or a gallery. My biggest goal is for people to know me.

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