A Taste of Gateway 2022

Thank You Donors!

This year, A Taste of Gateway took place onlinin the form of a spectacular exhibition! 

Thanks to the incredible generosity of our community of donors, we were able to raise over $100,000 to support the professional career development of over 90 talented artists with disabilities working in our studios.

In its 48th year, Gateway Arts is a leader in the studio art center movement. Since 1973, Gateway Arts has been committed to creating careers in art for individuals with developmental, intellectual, psychiatric, and other disabilities. We couldn’t do what we do without you!  We want to extend our heartfelt thanks to everyone who donated to this year’s A Taste of Gateway campaign.  The last two years have brought many challenges, but with your support, we continue to rebuild. 

Your donation has a powerful impact on redefining employment for adults with disabilities.

Thank You Taste Donors 2022

Nancy Ames + Peter Nelson, in honor of Rae Edelson the driving force, the heart and soul, what has made Gateway the very special program it is today 

Anonymous, in appreciation of Rae Edelson’s great vision and leadership over 45 years 

Aronson Family Charitable Fund, in honor of Nina Aronson’s 30th Birthday in June

Lorri Berenberg + Robert Wilstein, in honor of Rae Edelson 

Beverly + Bob Bernson, in honor of Rae Edelson 

Julie Bernson + Sergio Bautista, in honor of Rae Edelson 

Bruce + Rebecca Bird, in celebration of Rae Edelson 

Maryellen Cahill 

Amanda Clark, in honor of Mimi Clark 

The Clark Family, in celebration of Mimi Gratton Clark 

Pat Cooper, in celebration of Rae Edelson

Andre, Marilyn, + Erik Danesh Charitable Fund

Bruce Dow, in honor of Rae Edelson

The Dunn Family

Rae Edelson, in honor of Stephen DeFronzo who has been vital in developing Gateway into a vital member of the studio art center movement throughout the country and world 

Sarah, Laura + Andrew Eisenmann

James and Audrey Foster

Gerard Frank 

The Fulchino Family 

Maria Benet + Joe Geller, in celebration of Rebecca Geller 

Grace + Bill Gregor, in celebration of Rae Edelson 

Tim Hilton + Sara Miller

The Jane Hoffman Maxwell Fund

Barbara Ito + Jonathan Katz, in honor of Rae Edelson 

Jennifer Jackson + Robert Daves 

Scott Johnson 

Cheryl + Jeffrey Katz 

Patti + Jonathan Kraft 

Theodore Lampe 

Rami McCarthy 

Dorian Mintzer + David Feingold, in honor of Louie Feingold 

Kathleen O’Hara Family Foundation 

Perper Family, in celebration of Rae Edelson 

Eleanor Peters + Stephen Chaletzky 

Anne + Stuart Randle

Cynthia + Scott Randall 

Martha Richardson + Avrum Belzer

Linda Stein + Paul Vidich, in honor of Director Rae Edelson and the artists of Gateway 


Congratulations to all of the talented artists included in this year’s A Taste of Gateway Exhibition.