Rebecca "Becky" Geller in the fabric studio

Rebecca Geller

Rebecca “Becky” Geller was born in 1963 and began working at Gateway Arts in 1997.

Geller is a constant observer. Often found sitting with hands clasped and pensive, she is endlessly composing her thoughts and interactions into dark comical narratives. Geller works in many media, including drawing, fiber, and found objects. Her choice of medium often represents the juxtaposition between hard and soft elements and how she perceives the world. At first glance, the often visibly soft sculptures appear inviting. It is not until further investigation that it becomes clear to the viewer that the sculptures often have seemingly protective or defensive spikes. Geller’s two-dimensional work is more direct. She focuses on pattern, often using previously developed language and characters.

Geller’s work has been exhibited in the Phoenix Gallery in NYC, and in Massachusetts at the Open Door Gallery, Berenberg Gallery, Barneys NY, and the Gateway Gallery.

This image gallery showcases the artist’s archived portfolio; available works for sale may differ. Inquire about additional artwork available for purchase by Rebecca Geller: (617) 734-1577

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