Laurie Maguire working in the studio

Laurie Maguire

Laurie Maguire, born in 1972 in Maine, currently resides in Dorchester, Massachusetts. She has been attending Gateway Arts since early 2012.

Maguire came to Gateway with a repertoire of art making skills, including the know-how to make complex tapestries and necklaces designs. She continues to employ and broaden her skill set. The results of her focused labor are formulaic and graphic. Maguire’s bold use of color and geometric patterning are consistent throughout her entire body of work.

Maguire’s artwork has been exhibited at The Gateway Gallery.

This image gallery showcases the artist’s archived portfolio; available works for sale may differ. Inquire about specific artwork available for purchase by Laurie Maguire: (617) 734-1577

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    I just see the world in shapes. Because of my eyes I don’t see everything very good, but I try to memorize the shapes I see. It helps me get around my environment and also to know how to draw my environment. It makes you feel good inside. I just do it to be happy. I was once told I couldn’t do anything. [But now] I know I can do everything. My art calms me and I just enjoy making all sorts of different things. I used to hate bugs but since I became an artist, I’ve learned to stop and look at them more. My art makes me appreciate everything more.

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