Juvie in the studio

Juvenia Nicodemos

Juvenia Nicodemos was born in 1987 in Minas Gerias, Brazil and moved to the United States when she was fourteen years old. She has been attending Gateway Arts since 2013.

Nicodemos has always been drawn to art, and as a young girl she would often draw portraits out of magazines and pictures of her friends and family in her spare time. An effervescent and passionate young woman, Nicodemos works in pottery, weaving, fabric, paper and jewelry. Much of Nicodemos’ work revolves around sports, pop culture, and religion–all of which she uses as inspiration in her works.

Nicodemos has exhibited her work at The Gateway Gallery and in The Gateway Store.

This image gallery showcases the artist’s archived portfolio; available works for sale may differ. Inquire about specific artwork available for purchase by Juvenia Nicodemos: (617) 734-1577