Portrait of Dominic Tufo

Dominic Tufo

Dominic Tufo was born in 1945, and has been attending Gateway Arts since 1994. 

Tufo enjoys process-based art making, including both three- and two-dimensional works. His sculptures vary from soft weavings and embroidered forms, to wrapped metals and painted wood assemblages. His paintings are much more gestural and impromptu, while Tufo’s drawings are focused and allow him to create structured compositions.

Tufo’s work has been shown at The Gateway Gallery, the New England Outsider Artists with Disabilities Exhibition in Boston, Barney’s NY in Boston, the Federal Reserve Bank Gallery in Boston, The Fuller Craft Museum in Brockton, MA, the Margaret Bodell Gallery in New York, NY, and the Goldhaber-Fend Fine Arts Center Gallery in Johnstown, PA. Tufo has received an award for Excellence from the Ebensburg Center in PA, a MENCAP award from London, and an award at the 6th National Juried Art Exhibition for People with Learning Disabilities. In 2018 Tufo was selected to to be featured in The Gateway Gallery’s annual solo exhibition. The solo exhibition is a career accomplishment celebrating the artist’s development of a significant body of work and distinct artistic point of view. View the solo exhibition here.

This image gallery showcases the artist’s archived portfolio; available works for sale may differ. Inquire about additional artwork available for purchase by Dominic Tufo: (617) 734-1577

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    Dominic’s work is layered and complex. He showcases different articulations of his point of view with different mediums, while maintaining a style and vision that feels distinctly his own.