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Chuck Johnson

Charles Johnson

Born in 1991, Charles “Chuck” Johnson lives in Boston. He began working in the Gateway Studios in 2019.

Johnson has a keen drawing ability and expresses himself in layered surfaces reminiscent of spray painting, Japanese animation and video game style–some of Johnson’s influences. Johnson is further inspired by rock ‘n roll and heavy metal from the 1970s and 1980s. Drawing, digital animation, and jewelry making are some of his chosen mediums, but he exhibits adeptness in all of the media he pursues.

Johnson’s work is available in The Gateway Store. Click here to read an informative blog post about Johnson by Northeastern Communications student Joe Jin.

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    Studio A and Folk Art are my favorite because I feel like I’m at home and this is what it would feel like if I had a studio at home. Things that bring out animation are things I like to draw. I feel like I am expressing myself when I make art. And, not to mention, when I make art, I feel I want to build something. My influences are Don Bluth and various anime artists. I want people to know: I am soon to make comics, and my own animation series one day.

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