Alexis Cofield in the studio

Alexis Cofield

Born in 1985, Alexis Cofield lives in the Boston area. She began working in the Gateway Studios in 2018.

Cofield loves making art, and has already begun developing a colorful, unique style across mediums. Her happy, positive demeanor finds expression in Cofield’s favorite subject matter, abstracted rainbows and heart motifs. Some of Cofield’s works can be pleasantly simple, while others are layered and complex. She creates drawings in colored pencil, as well as multilayered mixed medium paintings. Color is a very important aspect of her work.

Cofield’s work has been exhibited in The Gateway Gallery. 

This image gallery showcases the artist’s archived portfolio; available works for sale may differ. Inquire about additional artwork available for purchase by Alexis Cofield: (617) 734-1577

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