The Faces Of Gateway

A portrait is an artistic representation of a person, created with the intent of displaying their likeness, personality, or even mood.  The Faces of Gateway is a themed group exhibition exploring portraiture, specifically representing the individuals who work in the studios, artists and staff alike.

“In this annual, themed exhibition; Gateway artists choose to make either a self-portrait or a portrait of someone else at Gateway. With everyone working on uniform canvases, one can see the myriad styles and forms of expression that exist at Gateway.  Additionally, the viewer obtains an idea of the boundless diversity of our population.”

This exhibition offers unique insight into the many people and personalities that make up the community of artists at Gateway.  Several of the portraits even tell the stories of both artist and subject. For example, the portrait of Alison Doucette by Carl H. Phillips does just that. Phillips renders Doucette’s likeness in a style resembling animation.  He captures her in the small details.  Starting with her feathered eyebrows above a piercing gaze, to the precise articulation of her mouth, and finally the distinct and accurate configuration of her freckles.  Small details have always captivated Phillips.  His work is a constant celebration of everyday objects.  Consequently, it is often rendered as pop art, thus instilling a sense of beauty in the ordinary.

“While some of Gateway’s artists make portraiture a mainstay of their artistic practice, many do not. Seeing their response to this year’s themed exhibition I realize just how thoughtful and creative our artists are. Walking through the gallery, I am struck by how the attitude and general attributes of the subjects are captured in the faces peering out from the sixty 16 x 12-inch canvases.”

– Stephen DeFronzo, Art Director at Gateway Arts

JULY 9 – AUGUST 31, 2019