Minds Aglow


January 10 – March 25, 2023 Gateway Arts Gallery

Minds Aglow was curated by Art Facilitators Sarah Kershaw and Leah Medin, along with Artistic Director Bil Thibodeau.  A companion exhibition to Riotous Threads at Fuller Craft Museum, Minds Aglow further explores the expansive potential of fiber arts.

A Statement from Sarah Kershaw and Leah Medin:

As human beings, we strive to find what connects us to the world. Artists naturally explore and expand this relationship.  In a world that is constantly changing, artists find both solitude and togetherness in their practice. The artists in this exhibition are part of broader universes – the studio, their local communities, the art world, the world – stars aglow in the wider cosmos. Each artist is also a star unto themselves, aglow in their own light.

The works in Minds Aglow explore universal lightness and darkness. Distinctively rendered in color and form, each reveals connectivity and individuality through process, technique, and subject matter.  Kayla Johnson’s felt applique portrait “Erika Alexander” depicts the actress as Maxine Shaw–a star in cast of stars from the influential TV show Living Single. Amy Caliri’s embroidery on velvet suggests points of colored light in the dark sky. Sidney Perry’s embroidery and Margery Richardson’s fabric drawing boldly contrast with one another in their otherworldly abstraction.  Throughout the exhibition, depictions of people, animals, plants, natural landscapes, and bold abstractions inform one another in their luminous portrayal of our universe.

Gateway Artists move forward and reach for space beyond themselves individually and as a collective.  Each piece in Minds Aglow stands alone and works together.