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Double Vision

Double Vision is a unique exhibition, featuring the work of Gateway staff members alongside the work of a Gateway artist of their choosing.  For most staff members, the selection of which artist to pair with was based largely on a similarity in style, medium, or subject matter.  The pairings exemplify the mutual inspiration that is found and flourishes in communal art-making spaces like Gateway.  As such, Double Vision is celebration of the artistic spirit found every day at Gateway Arts.

“Viewers are very impressed with the Double Vision exhibition,” shares Gateway Arts Artistic Director Stephen De Fronzo. “People were very interested in the artwork, and were delighted to see the work of staff artists and the Gateway artists they were paired with.”

Double Vision exemplifies how Gateway can bring together artists, community, and staff to celebrate the art we all love.” says featured artist and Pottery Supervisor River Cortes.

An opening reception for Double Vision will be held on Friday, September 22nd, 2016 from 5:00 – 8:00 PM.  The reception will feature a Pop-up Fashion Boutique produced in collaboration with TESstylists Lydia Santangelo and artist Jane Feigenson.



The opening reception for Double Vision was held on Friday, September 22nd, 2016.  It was a well attended event, with dozens of artists, staff members, friends, family, and local art lovers in attendance.  As a special treat, the reception also included a “Pop Up Fashion Production” that transformed the Gateway studios into a high-end fashion boutique. Guests, staff, artists, and others modeled tiaras, dresses, scarves, bags, jewelry, and some unique wearable art – all that were created or embellished by Gateway Arts artists. The models wore tags which read, “Ask Me Who I’m Wearing,” in reference to the red carpet event theme. The fashion show was produced in collaboration with TESstylists Lydia Santangelo and artist Jane Feigenson.

“It was amazing. It was great to see all the artists and their work,” said Gateway Arts Artist Chelsea von Harder.

Read more about the event here.