Amy Caliri: Solo Exhibition

Amy Caliri began working at Gateway Arts in 1995.  This exhibition explores the progression of her career, through which Caliri has developed a unique painting and drawing style.  This style is heavily reliant upon thick, distinctive line work.

Amy Caliri is an inquisitive artist, often found in the studio examining various calendars or other written material, moving her fingers to spell words using American Sign Language as she reads silently.  Amy relies on various methods of communication, one of which is reading, due to her hearing impairment and vision loss… She graduated from Perkins School for the Blind with high recommendations to attend Gateway Arts due to her natural ability to draw… Her thirst for information is never satisfied.  Amy is constantly scanning the studio, constantly listening as hard as she can and watching those around her for signs and signals of what is happening in her environment.  Amy rarely speaks, but is motivated to produce art.  Her pieces have a heavy outline and bold colors which separate the subject from the background and foreground.  Amy paints on fabric, paper, canvas, and clay.  She is a truly gifted artist with an amazing ability to interact with her art, as she gets physically involved, pressing and moving her marker or colored pencil with great force, and creating the darkest line possible.  This method may be a result of her low vision, as she may find comfort in fat thick lines which she can see better than thin ones.” — Stephanie Schmidt, Gateway Clinical Director

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Join us on Saturday, December 3rd, 2016 from 10:00 AM – 5:00 for our Annual Holiday Fair, and to celebrate the work and career of Amy Caliri.